Our Businesses

Our Vision is to be a world-class company based on prompt excellence service delivery, quality products, quality assurance, and competitive pricing.

Our Businesses

Lofty Oil & Gas

As a prominent player and fast-growing company in the oil and gas sector of the Nigeria economy, we have become a force to reckon with delivery excellent services to our customers and supply of products that meet the NNPC regulatory standard.
We are dedicated to adding unmatched value to support and optimize our customer, stakeholders and the Nigeria economy growth and development through energy solutions and strategically expanding our operations and growing market share.
In accordance with Federal Government requirements, Lofty oil and gas was registered with the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), Nigeria National of Petroleum Company (NNPC) and other regulatory agencies.
We have a fleet of tankers and trucks for efficient delivery of products to our network of customers across the country.
At Lofty, the safety of people, sites and protection of the environment are essential obligations which our company strictly adhere to, we thereby have a large good team of experts with new technology and equipment to help you get our products to where they need to be safely, securely and in compliances with international standard.
Our competitive advantage is embedded in our ability to effectively deliver services and products in any environment.

To ensure that our members of staff are up-to-date with current activities in oil and gas industry, we engage in continuous man-power training and development programme.
Lofty oil and gas has a strict quality control and quality assurance policy. We guarantee that our products meet the international standards in conformity with NNPC specification for all products.

Lofty Energy Services

Lofty Energy Services Limited has the principal objective of providing world class professional
services in the areas of our specialization by the deployment of the professional personnel in
other to provide qualified and experienced engineers and technicians for all phases of a
Our services cover from concept development through all stages up to final acceptance of the
completed project. Lofty Energy has an extensive database that enables it to cover the specific
requirements of clients for long or short-term contract.
Our goal is simple: client satisfaction through the provision of high-quality work, safe and
environmentally friendly services with results delivered on a timely and cost-effective basis.
Lofty Energy Services Limited specializes in exploration and production support services. The
main range of activities are Subsea Services, Diving/Submersible Services, Project
Management Services (PMS), Pipeline Integrity Management and Corrosion Services, Pipe
laying and Coating, Drilling/Production Chemicals and Materials Supply.
The objective of the management of Lofty Energy is to provide services in a manner, which
conforms to the contractual and regulatory requirements, using qualified, trained, and
experienced personnel.
In order to achieve our objective, it is the policy of Lofty Energy to establish and maintain an
effective quality system, planned and developed in conjunction with other management
functions. The quality system complies with international standards. The assessment of
conformity of work to contract and regulatory requirements is made on the basis of objective
evidence of quality.
Lofty Energy Services Limited personnel are under instruction to implement and work, within
their area of responsibility, in accordance with the instructions laid down in this quality
This document describes how the quality system of Lofty Energy is designed to ensure that all
requirements relating to quality are recognized and that a consistent and uniform control of
these requirements is adequately maintained to ensure that effective control is established.
This statement documents the personal commitment of the Board of Directors and the
Managing Director of Lofty Energy Services Limited to the objectives of this Quality System.

Lofty Logistics

With our wealth of proficiency and technical know-how, we analyze data to identify and solve your logistics and supply chain needs to avoid hitches and, to ensure that you meet full compliance standard and have the required documentation to avoid delays that cause penalties. Our consultation services cover both import and export trade which encompass areas like tariffs, insurance, and quotas, track shipments and work with clients on reducing duties owed.



Lofty Heights is a transport solution provider, one of our core proficiencies lie in the transportation of goods/products from source to end user.  All our trucks and dispatch vehicles are fully equipped with state of the art tracking devices which provides you with real-time information on the location of your consignment.


We also We provide trucking services in the upstream and downstream oil and gas sector, this entails the secured transportation of petroleum products (PMS, AGO, ATK, HHK/DPK) from all depots to various locations across Nigeria


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